About our site

African price is an online price curated platform aimed at helping Africans compare good and services within the nation. We
created the platform wit h the soul aim of contributing to Africa intra contential trade. Making it possible for Africans to have an
idea of price on any products or services before hitting the market. The information available on the site would be able to
encourage trade collaboration, planning and budgeting of goods and services with an average or concrete figure in mind. On this
platform we do not sale any product or services directly. But we able to offer consultation services to those indeed of it. And if in
urgent. Need we can provide you with those that can offer such services through our vast networks


Why visit our site: our platform is users friendly. Information on our site are constantly updated. We provide a wide reach of
prices that can help make amazing buying or selling decisions are across borders.


Our mission To contribute to the growth of African intra contential trade. By tracking current prices of commodities and services that might be helpful for both
buyers and sellers


Our vision To become Africa go to web platform for buying decisions by revealing the current prices and other helpful details about products and services
available in your country