Construction Companies in Ghana

Construction Companies in Ghana
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Getting what you actually want is key when considering the construction company to patronize.

Looking at the large number of construction firms in Ghana, I know it will be extremely difficult to make an appropriate choice, don’t worry, this article has researched

5 best construction companies in Ghana for you. 

  • Aurecon Construction

Another giant in the construction industry in Ghana is Aurecon, they engage in both Civil and structural engineering. Founded in 2009, the company has been involved in major construction projects in Ghana. 

Through its expertise to provide advisory, design, delivery and asset management services, Aurecon group was solely responsible for the road design and construction of the new Accra Mall in the Ghanaian capital, Accra. It has a reputation for excellence in terms of service delivery. 

  • Desimone Construction

Desimone Construction organization is one of the best when you talk about construction in Ghana as it makes do of the highest standards of management and workmanship. 

All projects are handled by the most experienced and highly qualified construction professionals and experts in the organization delivering a high level of excellence in the job. 

  • ARUP Engineering Ghana

Known for its pedigree, as one of the top building construction companies in Ghana, established in 1946 with its headquarter in London, United Kingdom, (UK), a multinational company which specializes in providing engineering, design, project management and consulting services to governments and organizations around the world, with 90 offices in 35 countries across the globe, ARUP Engineering is the place to go. 

  • JOSHOB Construction Limited

JOSHOB Construction Company Limited, established in July 1996 in Ghana has it head office in the capital of Ghana, Accra and an outlet in Kumasi in the Ashanti region.

The services offered include road and building construction, civil engineering, real estate development, rehabilitation of roads and much more.

The Company’s track record of success includes the rehabilitation of Mampong Boanim Jamasi Road, Routine Maintenance Anwia Nkwanta – Toase Manso Atwere Road.

  • Micheletti & Co. Limited, Ghana

One of the several major projects carried out by Micheletti & Co. Limited is the recent construction of the new French Embassy at Cantonment in Accra, Ghana.

The company provides clients with a comprehensive service throughout the entire life cycle of the projects in the built environments.

Comprehensive List of Reliable Road Construction Companies in Ghana 

Here are a comprehensive list of reliably construction companies in Ghana: 

  1.  Inocon Group Limited 
  2. Asanduff Construction 
  3. Casapulo Ghana Limited 
  4. Asterion Construction 
  5. Quieroz Galvao Construction Ghana 
  6. Limerica Ghana Limited 
  7. Zakhem Construction Limited
  8. Aurecon Construction
  9. Desimone Construction
  10. ARUP Engineering Ghana
  11. JOSHOB Construction Limited
  12. Micheletti & Co. Limited, Ghana.
  13. Samdos Construction Company 
  14. FordWilson International Company
  15. Premier Steel Limited 
  16. Malik Ghana Limited

Best Building Construction Companies in Ghana 

The best amongst the very best building construction companies in Ghana are:

  1. Micheletti & Co. Limited, Ghana.
  2. JOSHOB Construction Limited.
  3. ARUP Engineering Ghana.
  4. Desimone Construction.
  5. Aurecon Construction.

Top Bridge Construction Companies in Ghana 

When it comes to bridge construction in Ghana, here are top companies with track record of success:

  • Simpricity Construction Ltd
  • Andoc Prestige Limited 
  • ASN Takarah Group 
  • GS International Developers 
  • Kamafrika Construction Engineering GH. Ltd
  • Sylprin Limited 
  • Core Construction Limited 

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