Corn Milling Machine cost in Ghana 2020

How Much is a Corn Mill Machine in Ghana
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A corn milling machine otherwise known as Maize Milling Machine is primarily used to process maize seeds for easy and safe consumption.

The price of an automatic Corn flour milling machine in Ghana goes between 43,180.39 – 59, 373.03 Ghana Cedis.

Types of Corn Milling Machines

Types of Corn Milling Machines
Corn Milling Machine

We have different types of Corn Milling Machine. They are: 

  1. Single Flour Milling Machine

This type of machine can be purchased for both private and commercial use to process wheat, maize, rice, generally sorghum grains.

  1. M6FY Series Flour Milling Machine

This machine is low in energy consumption, low noise, good performance, and high efficiency.  It can process raw materials like wheat, corn and sorghum grains, it is commercially used to mill.

  1. M6FC Series Flour Milling Machine

The M6FC Series Flour Milling Machine consists of a two-part system, a wheat cleaning system, and a flour grinding system. 

The Wheat cleaning system utilizes a pneumatic cleaning methodology while the flour grinding system is composed of good quality, high-speed roller mill, a reinforced flour extractor, a blower, and air-tight pipes. This milling machine is used industrially.

How to Start a Corn Milling Business in Ghana

Basically, the Corn Milling business has a huge market in Africa. There are various milling companies in Ghana; an example is Premium Foods Limited which specializes in corn milling; the main staple food in Ghana. 

However, to set up a well profitable and stable corn milling business in Ghana, one must put into consideration the following factors:

  • Location/Availability/Nearness to Raw Materials (Corn seeds and other grains).

The first step is to consider the location and the availability/nearness to raw materials you want to mill. Most milling companies are sited where large numbers of farmers can easily bring in their grains to process and sell.

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