Cost of building a house in Kenya 2020

Cost of building a house in Kenya

One of the basic necessities of man is Shelter; as everyone dreams to own a house of their choice, the first step is to count the cost.
although the cost of building a house varies.

Houses, generally come in sizes and standards, all of these criteria attract a particular cost to put up.  

In Kenya for example, the cost of building a house depends on the Typography of land, Size of the building and Specification of Materials among other elements.

Averagely, it costs about Sh35,000 per sqm to build a modest house in major towns of Kenya, while a high-end home costs upwards of Sh60,000 per sqm.

The average cost of building a 3 bedroom house  In Kenya 

Precisely, the average cost required to build a modest 3 bedroom house equivalent to 125 sqm is Sh4.4 million, while a classy one will cost over Sh7.5 million depending on your pocket.

The average cost of building a 2 bedroom house in Kenya

The lowest price you can get a 2 bedroom house in Kenya is Sh 989,000. 

On average, it will cost, Sh 1.5 million and above. But if you want a classy one, depending on your specifications you will need to budget between  Sh2 – Sh4 Million.

The average cost of Building a 4 Bedroom House in Kenya 

The average cost of having a 4 bedroom house in Kenya, approximately (149 sqm) is Sh9.7 million and above.

How much does it cost to build a Mabati House in Kenya 

Mabati houses in Kenya are fabricated buildings, it is mostly made of steel materials.

In Kenya, these kind of buildings is cost-effective as it is not that expensive when compared to the block or brick building.

The cheapest amongst all goes for 

Sh 195,000 and above, depending on the numbers of rooms.

Factors that determine the cost of building a house in Kenya

  • The Preferred Location

The location you want to site the building largely affect its cost. If it is an urban area the price will be higher to obtain a land than in the rural areas.

  • The Type of Structure You Want

The specifications you have in mind will determine the overall cost of the building. More exciting and classy designs and fittings attracts a higher price. 

  • Mechanical Installations

Here, you put into consideration the things that will be a challenge to install or rather correct after the completion of the house. This means the mechanical installation should be done more to perfect.

  • Fittings 

The type or brand of fittings you desire for your dream house plays a huge role in determining the overall price of the building.

The fittings of a building include the mirrors, curtains, bathroom fittings, fitted carpets, freestanding fridges, fitted kitchens, lighting fittings, as well as fitted cupboards.

  • Specification of Materials

The specification of materials you need for a building irrespective of the size includes the drawing, the quality/the quantities, and then the brand etc. 

  • Floor to Ceiling Heights

Floor/Ceiling designs and fittings come in different aesthetic qualities and shapes. So your budget/pocket will determine what kind of floor or ceiling you will have in your house.

Site Topography

Site Topography determines the base of the building and what actually affects the topography is the design of the building.

Wall to Floor Ratio

There are some calculations that will be required to be done in order to determine the wall to floor ratio of your building in which you will be required to pay, this attracts additional cost to your proposed budget for that house. 

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