AUX LOCS images in Kenya
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This is a crotched braid made to look like your natural hair. It does not cause irritation; its Hair style-friendly making perfect for all seasons. This synthetic braiding hair is very easy to fit and is also durable. It comes in 30 strands per pack. It looks good with less maintenance and keeps hair roots protected. Usually, 6-9 packs can be used for a full head, looks very stylish and fashionable, more natural, beautiful, and elegant.

The cost of installing faux locs in Kenya depends.If a person doesn’t have a shop and they do them at their home or make home visits they range anywhere from sh2,500-3,000 plus the cost of the hair.

There are some people who charge sh4,000-5,000 and it usually includes the hair at a higher price point. A stylist that knows what she is doing will not charge less than sh3,000 for labor only and remember you still have to buy the braids.

Pro-tip, have the stylist buy the braid for you in the colors you want so that you don’t make the mistake of getting the wrong braid type seeing as there are so many braids in the market at the moment.

With proper maintenance and upkeep, faux locs can last for up to three months. You may need to touch up the roots as your hair grows out. You don’t want to leave faux locs in too long to avoid your natural hair locking.

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