fencing images in kenya
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The type of fencing you choose will play a key role in your home’s exterior design and also provide security. A professionally installed fence gives every homeowner a true sense of home we all desire.

Types of fencing in Kenya

  1. There are various types of fencing in Kenya; Chain link- it’s the go-to for rural properties and farm homesteads for low fences separating garden areas.
  2. Wood fencing- it’s the most popular in Kenya giving a sense of privacy due to its height.
  3. Barbed wire fencing- provides security by deterring unwanted animals and intruders. Electric fencing- they are mostly invisible fences used to contain dogs through an invisible field of electricity.

What is the most affordable fencing options in Kenya

Homeowners in Kenya are moving away from traditional or low-cost fences and opting to put up modern fencing. The cost of fencing depends on the type of fence you want to put up and the size of the land. A landowner in Syokimau spent around sh600,000 to fence 100by100 plot and it could have been more if he had not been hands/on during the construction of the perimeter wall. He spent another sh150,000 to put up an electric wire fence driving up his fencing cost to over sh750,000. The cheapest fence you can install is the barbed wire which costs as little as 10,000shs for an acre whereas a split rail wood fence costs about sixty to seventy thousand an acre. One has to be involved in the whole process than giving it to a contractor to inflate costs

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