gas cylinder images in kenya
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LPG , or cooking gas, has become common among Kenyan households, especially those in urban areas, as people move away from using the traditional, unsafe and unclean energy sources such as firewood and kerosene while embracing gas. In the current tax laws, LPG has been zero rated from taxation.

The average price of gasoline in Kenya for this period of COVID-19 is sh133.76. The price of gas in Kenya varies from type and size.

Types of gas cylinders in kenya

  1. The most preferable cylinder types are Total and K gas. Total gas cylinders are a product of Total Kenya KPC. K –gas cylinders are a product of Kenol Kobil. Total gas from Kenya is the most affordable compared to other gas cylinders in the market.
  2. K-gas is the most popular gas cylinder in Kenya. It is available to customers in 6kg,13kg, and 35kg cylinders at Kenol Kobil as well as from authorized dealers including leading supermarkets.

Other common types of gas cylinders are Hash, Mpishi, Midgas, Afri gas, and pro-gas. The average price of gas in Kenya is

Cost of a gas cylinder and refilling in kenya

  • sh1,000  – sh2,200 for an average cylinder gas refill
  • 6kg cylinder, sh2,200 for a gas refill only and sh6,400 gas refill and cylinder
  • 13kg Cylinder, sh3,800 gas refill only and sh10,960 for a gas refill and cylinder
  • 22.5kg cylinder, sh8,350 gas refill only and sh18,000  for a gas refill and
  • Shell gas is the most in Kenya while the cheapest is Pro gas which retails at 850 shillings.

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