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Cost Of Mikano Generator In Nigeria 2020 ?

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In Nigeria, Mikano Generator is one of the most desired and used Generators by industries, banks, hospitals, schools, in fact, generally the corporate world. It is available with capacity ranging from 9KVA to 5,000KVA and assembled with parts from renowned generator manufacturers like Perkins and Stamford/Meccalte alternator with options for diesel and gas engines.

Meanwhile, residential class diesel generators come with power capacity ranging from 9KVA to 150KVA, while the industrial-grade diesel generators offer from 150KVA to 5000KVA. To obtain any of these, you should have a budget ranging from ₦2 million and above.

A list of mikano Generator Prices in Nigeria

For those who want to opt for a durable and quality generator like Mikano, with guarantee 24 hours power supply, here is the price list.

  • 9KVA Sound Proof Generator (403-11G) N2 Million – 2.8 Million
  • 13KVA Sound Proof Generator (403-15G) N2.5 Million – N2.8 Million
  • 15KVA Sound Proof Generator (403-15G2) N3 Million – N3.1 Million
  • 20KVA Sound Proof Generator (404-22G) N3.1 Million – N3.2 Million
  • 30KVA Sound Proof Generator N3.5 Million – N3.9 Million.
  • 40KVA Sound Proof Generator (1103-33TG1) N3.9 Million – N4.4 Million.
  • 50KVA Sound Proof Generator (1103-33TG1) N4.2 Million – N4.5 Million.
  • 60KVA Sound Proof Generator (1103-33TG2) N4.9 Million – N5.1 Million.
  • 80KVA Sound Proof Generator (1104-44TG2) N5.4 Million – N5.7 Million.
  • 100KVA Sound Proof Generator (1104-TAG2) N6.2 Million – N6.5 Million.
  • 135KVA Sound Proof Generator (1106-TG1) N8.2 Million – N8.4 Million.
  • 150KVA Sound Proof Generator (1106-TAG2) N9.3 000,000- N9.550,000 Million.
  • 180KVA Sound Proof Generator (1106C-E66TAG4) N10.4 Million – N10.9 Million.
  • 200KVA Sound Proof Generator (1106-TAG4) N12,000,000 – N12,150,000 Million.
  • 300KVA Sound Proof Generator (1106A- E93 TAG5) N19,000,000 – N19,250,000 Million.
  • 350KVA Sound Proof Generator (2206A- E13 TAG2) N19,890,000 – N20,070,000 Million.
  • 400KVA Sound Proof Generator (2206A- E13 TAG3) N20,070,000 – N23,180,000 Million.
  • 500KVA Sound Proof Generator (2506A- E13 TAG2) N25,070,000 – N26,300,000 Million.
  • 650KVA Sound Proof Generator (2806A- E13 TAG2) N36,070,000 – N36,120,000 Million.
  • 800KVA Sound Proof Generator (4006-23 TAG3A) N50,070,000 – N52,500,000 Million.

Mikano Generator Price 10 KVA

10 kVA Mikano generator in Nigeria

Mikano 10KVA generator goes for 2,550,000 – 3,100,000 Million Naira.

Price of 20KVA Mikano Generator Price

20 KVA Mikano generator price

20KVA Mikano Sound Proof Generator (404-22G) goes between N3.1 Million – N3.2 Million

Mikano Generator Price 30 KVA

30KVA Mikano Sound Proof Generator goes between N3.5 Million – N3.9 Million

100 KVA  Mikano Generator Price

100KVA Mikano Sound Proof Generator (1104-TAG2) goes for N6.2 Million – N6.5 Million.

300 KVA  Mikano Generator Price

350KVA Mikano Sound-Proof Generator (2206A- E13 TAG2) goes for N19,890,000 – N20,070,000 Million

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