Cost of Water Tanks In Rwanda 2020

african price | Cost of Water Tanks In Rwanda 2020
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Sequel to climate change, unpredictable weather patterns and the escalating need of water, finding water storage solutions have become essential.

Water tanks are used to provide storage of water for use in many applications such as for drinking, fire suppression, agricultural farming, both for plants and livestock, irrigation farming, chemical manufacturing, food preparation as well as many other uses.

According to reports, much of the challenge of water scarcity in Rwanda is concentrated in Kigali. 

It noted that at the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013 there was an unprecedented water shortage for residents of the capital. Kigali residents resorted to rationing in some areas; others depended on untreated swamp water.

This led to an unprecedented need for water storage tanks in the cities of Rwanda, even in the suburbs.

Presently, the two major producers of water tanks in Rwanda are ROTO Tanks and AFRITANK Aquasan Ltd.

Water Tank price in Rwanda

Following the huge demand for water tanks due to water scarcity in Rwanda cities, the price of water tanks went abnormally up.

The various tank prices are varied in size. 

For those planning to acquire a 5,000-litre tank, the cost price in Rwanda is between Rwf375,000 and Rwf389,000.

3,500 litre tank goes for Rwf255,000 to Rwf270,000, that of 2,500 litres costs from Rwf175,000 to Rwf190,000 with that of 2,000 litres going for Rwf170,000 to Rwf185,000. 


Roto Tanks are made from approved food grade polyethylene material. They are non-toxic and non-absorbent. They do not impart any taste or odor. They are non-corrosive, they do not require painting or any treatment. 

The polyethylene plastic material extruded with >2 percent carbon black, makes the tank long-lasting, the ribbed design also makes it extra strong. 

Roto 10000L,5000L,4000L,3000L,2500L,2000L,1500L AND 1000L

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