How much is rechargeable fan in Nigeria

How Much is Rechargeable Fan in Nigeria 2020

We have different brands/types of rechargeable fans in Nigeria but generally speaking it goes from a minimum of N18,000 - N50,500  depending...
How much does an inverter battery cost?

How Much Does an Inverter Battery Cost in Nigeria?

An inverter is a power electronic device that is used to provide an alternative power supply. Inverters in Nigeria enjoy wide...
Prices of Gas Cooker in Nigeria

How to use Maxi Gas Cooker With Oven

Maxi Gas Cooker is rated as one of the best Cookers to use in Nigeria. It comes with Oven Light, Ignition Button,...


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nurses salary in ghana cedis 2019

How much is nurses salary in ghana

nurses salary in ghana cedis At the moment nursing is one of the most sought after occupations...

dstv decoder and dish price in ghana

Looking for the perfect cable/satellite tv company to  subscribe to. that offers a good variety of local channels and...
Top 20 Richest People in Kenya

Top 20 Richest People in Kenya

With regard to your growing bank account and goal of achieving financial independence and becoming one of the richest man or woman...


What is the minimum wage in south Africa 2020

History has it that the movement for minimum wages was first demanded by workers in sweatshops as they were exploited by their...