How much is Visa from Ghana to South Africa

Cost of South-African Visa from Ghana 2020

Visa, is a conditional authorization clearance granted by territory to legally enable foreigners into their Country. It comes in different categories depending...
How Much is a Corn Mill Machine in Ghana

Corn Milling Machine cost in Ghana 2020

A corn milling machine otherwise known as Maize Milling Machine is primarily used to process maize seeds for easy and safe consumption.
How much is rechargeable fan in Nigeria

How Much is Rechargeable Fan in Nigeria 2020

We have different brands/types of rechargeable fans in Nigeria but generally speaking it goes from a minimum of N18,000 - N50,500  depending...
How much does an inverter battery cost?

How Much Does an Inverter Battery Cost in Nigeria?

An inverter is a power electronic device that is used to provide an alternative power supply. Inverters in Nigeria enjoy wide...