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Asked on 15th July, 2020

How Many Blocks Can Build A 3 Bedroom Flat In Nigeria ?

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Tutu's Lead

7 months ago

7 months ago

Planning to build a 3 bedroom flat of your dream is great and wondering how many blocks you need to mold, all depends on some factors… the topography of the land, the type of 3 bedroom flat you want to build/your building plan.

An average building plan of three (3) bedroom flat, will cost you over 50 bags of cement i.e 2,650 blocks. based on our research.

The block estimates comprise a sitting room, a store, a kitchen, and a guest room.

But if you are having a building plan of a bigger three bedroom flat, the total number of blocks required to complete the structure is 3,032 blocks.

Other cost to consider when building a three bedroom flat are:

  • Cost of Foundation and German Flooring
  • Bag of Cements required for Plastering block walls and cost
  • Woods required for roofing and cost of Carpentry for roofing
  • Cost of Aluminium roofing sheets
  • Cost of Tiling (labor)
  • Number of Tiles required and Cost
  • Plumbing requirement and Cost
  • Cost of Bulgar Proofs for windows
  • Cost of Paints and Labor
  • Cost of Aluminium Ceiling
  • Cost of Electrical Finishing
  • Cost of doors and Locks
  • Cost of Bedroom wardrobes and Kitchen ward ropes.
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