How Many Watts In A KVA

How Many Watts In A KVA

Before I calculate how many watts are in a KVA you have to understand some components. You have to look at the power quality or Power Factor (PF). 

KVA or Kilo Volt Ampere has two major components…we have the active and reactive, the unit for the active component is Watts, for the reactive, it is called Volt Ampere Reactive (VAR).

For example if the Power Factor (PF) or Power Quality is 0.8

1 Kilowatt (KW) is equals to 1000 watts

1 KVA = 1 KW x 0.8 = 0.8 KW

1 KVA = 800 watts

The power S in kVA is equal to the power P in watts (W), divided by 1000 times the PF:

S(kVA) = P(in Watts) / (1000 × Power Factor)

Precisely, the formula is written in this format 

Kilovolt-amps(Kva) = watts / (1000 × PF)

The formula is always applied on a Power Factor (PF) 0.8.

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