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How Much Are Junior Doctors Paid In Ghana 2020 ?

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Medicine is a noble profession and is generally regarded among the best and most profitable professions for all the right reasons. The pride of being a medical doctor is one of the reasons many students in Ghana want to be enrolled in medical schools.

But unfortunately, the salary of doctors in Ghana is generally poor which has led to several incessant strike actions.

Meanwhile, a Junior Doctor is anyone below a consultant, including registrars who are more senior but still classed as Junior Doctors.

This means most doctors are considered ‘junior’ into their early to mid-30s, after five years at medical school and 5-10 years experience on the wards.

The average monthly salary for Junior Doctors in Ghana 2020 is 7,110 GHS (85,400 GHS yearly). The lowest GHS average is 2,200 GHS while the highest average is 22,600 GHS.

What Does Being A Junior Doctor In Ghana Feel Like

Our findings have shown that being a Junior Doctor in Ghana without any form of formal employment is very frustrating.

Some Junior Doctors who are currently at home unemployed are asking the government to urgently resolve the perennial issues that surround their absorption into the Public Health System in Ghana.

The Doctors, who completed their horsemanship as far back as 2017, have since not been absorbed by the Ghana Health Service.

This according to them, is largely due to the failure by the Ministry of Finance to grant them clearance.

The Junior Doctors also say they get frustrated with the situation as doing nothing at home sometimes leaves them depressed.

One of them who complained while speaking to a journalist in an interview said, “I’m very saddened by this development knowing very well that there are health facilities and Ghanaians across this country in dire need of doctors.”

“I am saddened that this frustration is compelling doctors to consider other alternatives like leaving the country. Something needs to be done about this annual problem as soon as possible,” he added.

Another Junior Doctor said, staying at home makes them feel useless, adding that depression is also set in.

“We are at home and it feels like you are useless, and it also leads to depression. Sometimes it’s not been very convenient for most of us. I really pray that the government does something about it. This is unwarranted and an unnecessary loss of manpower to the state.”

“It is very frustrating to be in this position because man must live. You need to pay for amenities and survive. Five months and counting, there is no source of income. All we have to do is to pray and sometimes embarrassingly depend on others. It is not a very nice feeling at all,” another junior doctor added.

Junior Doctor Salary Structure

There is no document showing a total breakdown of Junior Doctors Salary in Ghana as at the time of writing. But the Average Monthly Salary of a Junior Doctor is 7,110 GHS (85,400 GHS yearly).

The lowest average is 2,200 GHS while the highest average level is 22,600 GHS.

Doctors salary in ghana or Highest Paid Doctors in Ghana

Here are the categories of highest-paid doctors in Ghana.
  • Medical Director

Medical Directors are typically physicians who occupy a senior role in a hospital or health clinic.

  • Base median salary: $238,000
  • Total median salary: $258,000.
  • Ophthalmologists

Ophthalmologists are physicians who focus on disorders and diseases of the eyes.

  • Base median salary: $285,000
  • Total median salary: $285,000.
  • Urologists
  • Base median salary: $395,000
  • Total median salary: $395,000
  • Surgeon

A Surgeon is a physician who operates on patients in order to treat diseases and injuries.

  • Base median salary: $385,000
  • Total median salary: $400,000
  • Gastroenterologist

Gastroenterologists study and treat illnesses and diseases of the digestive system.

  • Base median salary: $400,000
  • Total median salary: $400,000
  • Plastic Surgeon

Plastic Surgeons are physicians who restore and alter parts of the body for cosmetic and reconstructive reasons.

  • Base median salary: $410,000
  • Total median salary: $410,000


It may seem like the salaries of Ghanaian doctor isn’t anywhere close to what is obtained in developed countries like the United States (U.S), and the United Kindom (U.K), nonetheless the profession still comes with an intrinsic benefit which is the joy of providing care and saving lives. This act of service by the doctor can never really be quantified in monetary value.

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