How much does a divorce cost in Kenya

Divorce images in Kenya
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There is no refuting that divorce has gradually turned out to be one of the most popular cases in local courts today. Virtually everywhere, divorce has become one of the common trends. The long-ago discernment that a divorced man or woman is held in disdain by society isn’t perceptible anymore these days. 

With a marked increase in the number of divorce cases across courts in the country, lots of couples prefer to seek legal advice and settle the divorce privately away from the court.

While this method works faster and quieter, most people opt for it due to the hefty legal cost of divorce in the country. There are many reasons why couples want to be divorced; failed marriage, the disloyalty of one of the spouses to their marital vows, emotional, mental, or even physical abuse, or they have fallen out of love, etc.

The legal process of divorce can be very tedious and takes a long time and legal fees are quite expensive. As it stands, legal sources across Kenya designate that the cost of filing a divorce case ranges between Ksh200,000 and Ksh500,000, 

depending on the court, attorney charges, and sometimes, the reason for the divorce. This process takes about 1-3 years but could drag on in court for many more years.

Some divorces are very straightforward and may cost roughly between Sh50,000-Sh100,000. in Kenya. However, if a couple has a lot of issues, it adds up the cost because the process will be longer.

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