How Much Does an Inverter Battery Cost in Nigeria?

How much does an inverter battery cost?
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An inverter is a power electronic device that is used to provide an alternative power supply. Inverters in Nigeria enjoy wide patronage due to epileptic power supply.

Solar power inverters are primarily used in electrical power applications where high currents and voltages are present.

Basically, an Inverter stores it’s generated power inside a Battery known as Inverter Battery. 

An Inverter battery is a type of battery designed to handle power backup supply system. 

Inverter Battery Price in Nigeria goes for N40,000 and above as of February 2020.

Prices of Solar Inverter in Nigeria 

Solar inverter 3.5kva to 5kva prices in Nigeria

The following are prices of Solar Inverters in Nigeria

  • Solar N Inverter Power Energy

Price: N200,000

  • 2KVA Bluegate 24 Vos Solar Inverter

Price:  N69,000

  • 5 KVA Solar Power Inverter System

Price: N2, 822,085

  • Novel Solar 1KVA Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Price: N70,000

  • 2.4 KVA Solar Inverter 24 Vos 

Price: N48,0000

How Many Years Does the Inverter Battery Last?

An average inverter Battery’s life span is around three (3) years. Tubular battery lifespan is around 3 to 5 years. While the Battery capacity is rated in ampere-hour (abbreviated Ah, or sometimes amp hour). It is the amount of energy charge in a battery that will allow one ampere of current to flow for one hour. Hence the discharge time depends on the load demand.

Is Inverter Battery Harmful for Health?

Not really, although Inverter batteries emit hydrogen fumes and other gases these fumes are in safe limits. It is advisable you install them in open areas such as a balcony or near windows with proper ventilation.

Types of Inverters in Nigeria

Inverter batteries Price varies from size to the brands.

The following are some of the brands and prices.

  •  Ritar Ritar 12V/80Ah inverter Battery is between #50, 000- #60, 000
  • *Mercury Deep Cycle Inverter Battery  Set of 4- 200Ah/12V is at the Range of #430, 000-#470, 000.
  • Mercury Elite inverter deep cycle 12V/200Ah is between #100, 000-120, 000

Best inverter Brand in Nigeria 

There are basically two main types of inverters available on the Nigerian market. Modified Sine Wave and Pure Sine Wave.  Modified Sine Wave inverters are used to power small household appliances like lights, TVs, and fans.

Some of the best and proven inverter in Nigeria include:

  • Luminous 1.5kVA / 24V Solar Inverter.
  •  Mercury 5KVA / 24V Spirit Plus Solar Hybrid Inverter.
  • Bluegate 10KVA / 192V Solar Inverter.
  •  Luminous 850VA/12V Solar Hybrid Inverter.
  • Felicity Solar 10KVA / 48V Solar Inverter.
  • Prag 3.5KVA / 48V Solar Inverter. 

Installing a power inverter will cost from N15,000 to over N30,000 Naira depending on the level of work. 

Wall-mounted inverter installation costs more, starting from N15,000 – N55,0000.

Luminous Inverter Better Prices 

One of the best inverter brands in Nigeria today is Luminous. 

Luminous Power Technologies is a powerful and trustworthy brand with a wide range of innovative products in the power backup, home electrical and residential solar space that covers, Inverters Batteries, Solar solutions to home electricals offerings such as Fans, Modular Switches and LED lighting.

Luminous Inverter is rated as one of the best in the country because it offers 3 phase Inverters up to 150 KVA. 

600VA to 10KVA Luminous inverter ranges from N64,000 Naira to 800,000 Naira, excluding battery and installation.

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