How Much Does Uber Driver Make Weekly in Nigeria

image: How Much Does Uber Driver Make Weekly in Nigeria
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Uber Driving is now more popular in Lagos and Abuja with a number of Nigerian youths rushing to become a driver. This is as a result of the alarming rate of unemployment in the country, and there is a need to get busy.

Uber Driving is now a very lucrative job to do in Nigeria. expect for this pandemic.

It is safe to say it pays and you are the boss of yourself. The fact that you work at your convenience makes it worth delving into.

All you need is a car, a driving skill and good knowledge of the town you operate in.

A hard-working Uber driver works for an average of 30 hours in a week and it is most likely to achieve far more than that, pending on the efforts and commitment to the job.

For a 30 hours job a week, an average of 58,860 NGN is earned and by calculations there are chances of earning 3,060,720 NGN a year.

Pending on the state of the vehicle, it is expected that the driver will make some expenses along the line, including servicing and maintenance of the car and buying of fuel.

Other expenses like taxes and tolls could also share from the income at intervals.

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