How Much is a Flight Ticket from Nigeria to USA

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Flight tickets from Nigeria to the United States of America, come in different prices, based on the airlines and the services rendered.

Also, the price is determined by whether it is a direct flight or a connecting one.

You must also know that the flight ticket to different destinations within the USA also differs.

Kano, Abuja and Lagos are in different takeoff points to USA from Nigeria.

The cheapest you can get for a flight from Nigeria to USA is $670 which is 259,625.00 Nigerian Naira. But contact the airline of your choice and make enquires.

Don’t forget that you can decide to book either business class or 1st class and it would reflect on the pay as well.

According to Goggle map, the distance from Nigeria to USA is 10,642 km.

However, there are different routes to the USA and they are as follows:

  • Nigeria to New York City
  • Nigeria to Los Angeles
  • Nigeria to Atlanta
  • Nigeria to Boston
  • Nigeria to Miami
  • Nigeria to Houston
  • Nigeria to Rochester
  • Nigeria to Dallas
  • Nigeria to Washington
  • Nigeria to Philadelphia
  • Nigeria to Orlando
  • Nigeria to Des Moines
  • Nigeria to Chicago
  • Nigeria to Pittsburgh
  • Nigeria to Kansas City
  • Nigeria to Monroe
  • Nigeria to Baltimore
  • Nigeria to Minneapolis
  • Nigeria to Austin
  • Nigeria to Las Vegas

The different airways that travel that route are:

Qatar Airways, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Emirates, Royal Air, Maroc, Lufthansa, British Airways, Turkish Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Air Peace, EgyptAir, ASKY Airlines.

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