How Much is a Gram of Gold in Nigeria

image : How Much is Gram of Gold in Nigeria
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Gold is a very lucrative business in Nigeria and it is good for investment, owing to the fact that it does not depreciate in value but only increases over time.

The current price of a gram of gold in Nigeria is ₦21,426. although price remains a little bit volatile in the country.

The price of gold is not static like other commodities, hence there is a need to get yourself updated with its market value. The website will always be of help in case you want to know the current value. The price of gold changes every 30 minutes.

For now, the world only global currency and safe haven for storing wealth or asset is gold, its safe to say that Gold is its equivalent because every country of the world has people interested or willing to accept it

The buying and selling of gold can be done from the comfort of your home, just agree to the terms and conditions needed to trade then it’s either bought online or in physical forms such as nuggets or biscuits and exported.

Also, it is not affected by government policies or any economic state of a country. It operates an independent market.

The only challenge is that it requires a lot of capital to invest in. 

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