How much is Bowen university school fees

How much is bowen university school fees
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Bowen University, aka BUI, is one of the most rated private universities in Nigeria. Based on facts such as academic m standards, facilities, location, cost according to Webometrics ranking. BUI was placed as the 4th best private university in Nigeria. In 2017. 
The approved fees for Bowen academic sessions are paid according to the faculty/departments/course applied for. 

The schedule of approved fees for new students for an academic session ranges from 

N425,000 – N1,725,000.
Fees range for 300 – 600 level students ranges from N1,991,500 – N310,000

Fees range for Bowen postgraduate programs with a schedule of fee worth a subtotal of N120,000 per semester. Or for 3 semesters the candidates pay a total of N360,000

This fee includes.

  • Academics fees 
  • Accommodation 
  • Conveniences 
  • Health care 
  • Bench fee And other fees. 

Where is Bowen university located 

It is located at Iwo in Osun state. Bowen University Iwo local government, 232101 Nigeria.

Who is the owner of Bowen university 

The university was founded on 17 July 2001 by the Nigerian baptist convention. It opened in 2002 with 500 students.

What is the course offered in Bowen university 

  • » Accounting
  • » Agriculture
  • » Anatomy
  • » Banking and Finance (Mgt)
  • » Biochemistry
  • » Business Administration
  • » Chemistry
  • » Christian Religious Knowledge / Studies
  • » Communication Arts
  • » Computer Science
  • » Economics
  • » English Language
  • » Food Science And Technology
  • » Forestry and Environmental Technology
  • » History and International Studies
  • » Industrial Chemistry
  • » Law
  • » Mass Communication
  • » Mathematics
  • » Medicine and Surgery
  • » Microbiology
  • » Music
  • » Philosophy
  • » Physics
  • » Physics / Solar Energy
  • » Physiology
  • » Plant Biology
  • » Political Science
  • » Sociology
  • » Statistics
  • » Theatre Arts
  • » Zoology

Bowen university medical school. 

Yes, it’s possible to study medicine in BUI. 

Medicine department which runs only the MBBS program was established as an integral part of BUI’s college or health science. 

Department of Family medicine. 

Since the inception of the university (Bowen teaching hospital) (Buth) the department or medicine was the only department with fill.accrediation by the national post-graduate college of Nigeria and west African medical college 

The department trains clinical students through first and second years or clinical training ( 2 blocks posting 1 at 400 level and 500 level. Respectively

Acceptance fees for medicine in Bowen University. 
Medicine: N165, 000 (one hundred and sixty-five thousand Naira only) 

For further details on enrollment and admission into Bowen please contact us Africanprice via telegram to pair you up with a reliable agent. That best suits your needs.

Bowen university Hostel Allocation.  

After paying the prescribed fees through the university portal (click on this link for schedule of fees): recommenced: Bowen university school fees portal. 

2. Check their room allocation on their dashboard in the portal after payment of required fees. 

3. On resumption, report at bursary for issuance of receipt/clearance too. 

4. Proceed to the hostel for accommodation and present the following. Receipt of payment of the required fees. Duly signed clearance slip from the bursary 

5. Proceed to the digital center for online registration.

6. Submit the following at your college (original to be sighted and photocopy to be submitted) 

  •         Receipt of payment of the required fees 
  •        Duly signed clearance slip from the bursary 
  •        Evidence of allocation of room 
  •        Course registration slip 

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