How Much is Ekiti State University School Fees

Ekiti state university
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Before telling you how much is Ekiti State University school fees, I will like to give you a little brief history about the prestigious school.

Ekiti State University started with a campaign promise by Chief Adekunle Ajasin led civilian government of the Ondo State in January 14,1981, with a 16-member planning committee set up.

The outcome and recommendations by the 16 men committee led to the establishment of the University named Obafemi Awolowo University, Ado-Ekiti with the appointment of Prof. I.O. Oladapo as the first Vice Chancellor with Chief B.A. Ajayi, as the head of council on March 28,1982.

Although it later changed to Ondo State University and much later Ekiti State University.

The University started with 136 students, cut across the faculties of Science, Social Science and Arts. 

In 1983/84 session, the university introduced new courses to boost the existing faculties such as Chemistry, Philosophy, Geology, French, Biology, Yoruba studies, Religious studies, Political Science and Psychology. 

Meanwhile in 1983/84 session a fourth faculty was established, the Faculty of Education, which increased the school population to 724.

In the 1985/86 session, another faculty was established, the Faculty of Engineering comprises (Civil, Mechanical and Electrical) and a Department of Banking and Finance.

In 1991/92 Session, Faculty of Law was established with that of Agricultural Sciences in 2001, bringing the total faculties to 8 with a population size of 10,000.

Presently, the University of Ekiti is running a degree program in 66 fields of academic programmes and has a population size of over 25,000.

Ekiti State University has the School of Postgraduate Studies, Directorate of Sandwich Education, Directorate of Continuing Education, Directorate of Part Time Programme, Affiliate Colleges, Institute of Education, Institute of Science Laboratory Technology, Directorate of Pre-Degree Programmes, General Studies Unit, Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies and the Centre for Research and Development, among others. 

Note: According to history, (Wikipedia) in 1984, the ownership of the University came under the military administration of Ondo State since the governance of the country came under the military junta. In 1985, the government as proprietor of the university cancelled the multi-campus and non-residential policy of the university and changed the name to Ondo State University, Ado-Ekiti. (The change of the University’s name did not affect the site/location of the campus at Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria. 

Although, that arrangement has been abolished as it is called Ekiti State University today.  

Coming down to the school fees, i.e how much is Ekiti State University school fees:

According to the  management of the Ekiti State University (EKSU) all new students admitted (undergraduate students) are expected to pay the following fees:

How Much is Ekiti State University School Fees
How Much is Ekiti State University School Fees
How Much is Ekiti State University School Fees


  • TUITION- N50,000
  • EXAMINATION- N15,000
  • LIBRARY-  N7,000
  • SPORTS-  N10,000
  • RECORDS-  N3000
  • HEALTH CENTRE- N10,000
  • GST- N5,000
  • ID CARD- N5,000
  • CAUTION N3,000
  • FIELD TRIP- N10,000
  • ICT – N10,000
  • HANDBOOK-  N1,000


Ekiti State University School Logo:

How Much is Ekiti State University School Fees

Ekiti State University Address:

Ekiti State University, Iworoko road, Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State. 

Ekiti State University Website/Portal is:

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