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29th October, 20205:00 AM

Asked on 25th July, 2020

How to Check if a Company is Registered With CAC?

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Tutu's Lead

3 months ago

3 months ago

Making sure you verify the status of your companies name with CAC is very important after registration, most especially if you want to use the name to either go into business or secure a contract.

The following are two ways by which you can confirm if your business has been successfully registered with CAC.

  • The first step is by login into the CAC website, check on your registration status, The second step is by verifying your Tax registration status on the Federal Inland Revenue Services website.

For instance, if the company name exists, it will display your RC Number, Company Name, Address, and Date of Registration.

If the companies name, on the other hand, does not exist, you will see a display of an empty result.

If it is undergoing registration at that time, it will display “Undergoing Registration”, i.e you will not see a display of your RC Number, only “Undergoing Registration” will pop up.

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