How to create a thread on Nairaland?

How to create thread on Nairaland

New users normally get stuck when trying to create a topic on Nairaland. The first step for you to be eligible to create a thread on Nairaland is registering to become a member, you can register keep reading if you’re a member already.

If you’re a registered member be sure to have an internet connection in your device. Below are steps to post a thread: –

  • Login to your Nairaland account
  • Open a new tab/new page in your browser
  • Tap on where you do see a Website’s URL and input this

How to create a thread on Nairaland?

  • When the page loads up or opens, be sure that you’re logged in to your Nairaland account
  • You will see different topics, scroll down carefully after all the topics, you’ll see a create new topic button, click on it and create your
  • thread.

How to create a thread on Nairaland?


  1. You must be a member of Nairaland and you must be logged into your account to enable you create a thread.
  2. Do not post pornographics.
  3. Do not advertise illegally or make a deceptive thread.

If you do not follow any of the above instructions, there are chances that you might get banned from Nairaland for life.

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