How to make money online in Nigeria?

How to make money online in Nigeria
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Making money online has been a lot of people’s dreams. Making money online in Nigeria would be a dream come true for lots of Nigerians.

The following tips below are my best-recommended ways of making money online.

Here are my Top 3 ways of making cool cash online.

  1. Learn how to make natural oils and black soap. It is very obvious that a lot of people are currently looking for natural remedies or natural soaps and creams to use, when you learn how to make Natural creams and soaps on YouTube, you can start making your own and selling them online.
  1. Learn Graphic Design/web Design. This is another big way of making money online. Learn these skills and start earning big. It takes patiences and dedication to get it done, technology is at the forefront of the top must get skills. You can’t afford to miss out. 
  1. Trading Crypto currency, It is becoming obvious that crypto currency is gaining traction everyday. And it’s become a digital asset people want to use. Trading crypto is quite profitable. But can be a risky investment overall. This is not financial advice. Avoid websites that claim to be bitcoins doublers or money doublers. Only way to earn in bitcoin is learning how to trade it.  
  1. Consulting: If you’re an expert in a field, there are people who are willing to pay to get counseled  on either business goals or personal goals. So build up your skills and get to the level of consulting. It’s quite profitable.  
  1. Freelance writing: If you have a writing Skill, you can get paid to create online contents. You can get online writing jobs from websites like, fiver, or write for business owners. you might also like to check out for more writing inspiration 
  2. YouTube: this is another top-notch way of making money online. You can create a YouTube channel, discover your niche, find your audience. When your YouTube start growing you can monetize your account and start earning.
  1. Join Fiverr, upwork etc : You sell your skills on Fiverr or other freelancers site. You can offer them writing, translating, graphic design, short video clip e.t.c. check out their website for more details.

Tip: Discover what works best for you and run with it. Above all, learning a skill gives room for more opportunities.

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