How to Register a Business Name with CAC?

3.How to Register a Business Name with CAC?

As a Nigerian registering your business or company with CAC is almost as important as putting up a door in front of your store to avoid stories that touch with the government. this is a Long term investment every company needs to make to secure the Upside.

As Nigerian or someone living in Nigeria, and you’re thinking of starting a business, well that’s a good idea…Nigeria already has the market due to its huge population size. 

The first thing to do is to decide whether to operate as a business name or to incorporate as a company.

The next step is to go and register your business name with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), and obtain a licence to operate legally in the country.

Here are the simple procedures:

  1. Search and ascertain that the name you want to use have not been used by another, reserve a name… Form CAC 1

The CAC now has an online platform or portal that makes it easy to search and reserve a business name. 

Go to:

Or alternatively, walk into any CAC offices nationwide and get a reservation name form, fill and submit.

Always have many options of names to use so you don’t get disappointed using the search button.

  1. Purchase (Pay for) and make sure you complete the application for Business Registration form… CAC/BN/1 appropriately.
  1. Make full payment of all applicable fees.

Generally, the entire process of business registration in CAC takes between 1-2 weeks. 

This time frame is subject to when the commission is not having too much work, and you don’t need a lawyer during the process of business registration.

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