How to Register for UBA Internet Banking

How to Activate UBA Internet Banking
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Before you register for UBA internet banking, you must have an account with UBA. 

There are three basic ways you can register for UBA internet banking.

  • Applying at the local UBA branch.
  • Instant self-enrolment
  • Registering via Virtual Enrolment Form

Applying at the Local UBA Branch

 You can approach any nearest UBA branch and fill a form requiring you to enrol for UBA Internet Banking.

UBA customer care representatives in the bank will attend to you appropriately.

Instant Self-Enrolment;

In the instant Self-enrolment option, use your browser, login into

Click on the ‘Instant Self-Registration’ button.

Make sure you fill appropriately the form that pops up in the new window, submit and you will be able to use your account straight away.

Registering via Virtual Enrolment Form

Registering via virtual enrolment form is more difficult  than the others.

In this option, you will be required to fill the U-Direct Virtual Channel Enrolment Form available on the UBA website.

The form comes in two types, the Individual form or the Corporate form.

UBA has a special Internet Banking Virtual Channel Enrollment Form for Corporate Clients, and same for Individual Clients.

If it is a corporate account, fill the Internet Banking Virtual Channel Enrollment Form for Corporate Account, the same goes for Individual Accounts.

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