How to Reschedule Air Peace Flights?

.How to Reschedule Air Peace Flight
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This is for those who have bought Air Peace tickets or a ticket and are seeking for reschedule their flights due to some changes in plans.

The question is how do you reschedule your air peace flight schedule for today.

First of all, Air Peace approves of such, you can do a re-schedule using an online flight booking platform.

Or secondly, you can call the customer care line of Air Peace and ask for a change or call your travel agent to help you change the date on your flight to the most preferred choice of yours.

There is a clause, this is only possible if the ticket bought is not a promotional ticket, besides you might be requested to pay some charges for rescheduling your flight.

Here is Air Peace website:

During the process of rescheduling, you will be asked why you want to make a reschedule of your flight, this will require your personal data, for example, your surname, name, and majorly your booking reference number.

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