How to Start a Cleaning Company in Nigeria

image: How to Start a Cleaning Company in Nigeria
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A cleaning business is a very lucrative one Nigeria. one of the things you need is to religiously adhere to the tip that would be given below:

Determine the kind of cleaning company you want to set up as there are different areas of cleaning services that exist, e.g professional home cleaning services, professional car wash services, maid services, and so on.

Ensure you have a reasonable capital that will help you set up a company that people will be attracted to patronize.

Decide on your location and you might want to consider the big cities In the country -Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt, Kano, Calabar, and the likes because of the economy in such areas and the high need of such services.

Register your company with the Corporate Affairs Commission and identify wiry relevant Associations related to your line of business.

Get some skills on the job most especially Customer Service skills.

Get your equipment and begin operation.

You might consider branding your company with colorful posters and fliers. A website will also go a long way in advertising your company.

Market your company on different Social Media platforms, have a social media presence.

Make your prices competitive enough to attract new customers by doing a market study and finding the best price point

Make sure you act professionally and meet best practices.

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