How to Start a Petrol Station in Kenya 2020

african price | How to start a petrol station in kenya
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For those who are interested in starting a Petrol Station business in  2020 in Kenya, the cost and how to start are as follows: 

Firstly, choose a strategically located busy area easily accessible and visible in Kenya. Ensure that you obtain a business permit (Ksh 7,500 – Ksh 15,000), Fire Certificate and a Health Certificate for your premises from the Kenya government before you start to operate your petrol business.

Note: Setting up a petrol station anywhere in the world including Kenya is capital intensive, but certainly a good business venture.

As at January 2020, Kenya’s present economy, the cost of establishing a petrol station is approximately 1,940,000 United States Dollars. It annually costs $250,000 to operate and you will need around $160,000 annually to buy and stock products.

The profitability of the Petrol Station in Kenya 

At the end of the year, you might have a profit of around $90,000 and above after expenses.

Fuel Pump Machine Prices in Kenya

The prices of fuel dispensers in Kenya are:

  • Single Nozzle – KSh 270,000 and above per unit.
  • Duo Nozzle   – KSh 480,000 and above per unit.
  • Twin (SUPER & DIESEL) – KSh 480,000 and above per unit. 


Excellent fuel pump liquid oil filling equipment, best selling liquid gasoline diesel filling machine.


  • CS42-Legend Series Fuel Dispenser
  • CS46-Classic Series Fuel Dispenser
  • CS46-Legend Series Fuel Dispenser
  • Pioneer Series Fuel Dispenser
  • Marve Series Fuel Dispenser
  • T MAN Series Fuel Dispenser
  • CS20 Series Fuel Dispenser
  • Intelligent Multi-Media fuel dispenser
  • X-Man Series Fuel Dispenser

Digital Fuel Pump and Other Fueling Material Cost in Kenya 

RT-HY224 Fuel dispenser with LED for a gas station.

Price: US $1,400 – 1,800 / Per Unit.

20% off China real tech fuel dispenser on Kenya

Price: US $799.00 -1,499.00/ Per Piece.

Ecotec Mini Petrol Station Diesel & Fuel Dispenser for Gasoline in Kenya.

Price: US $850.00-3,000.00/per set

 20% off Tatsuno pump single fuel dispenser in Kenya.

Price: US $799.00-1,499.00/Per Piece.

Four nozzles digital fuel dispenser for service station submersible

Price: US $2,800.00-4,500.00/ Per Set

MPD Fuel dispenser RT-G482

Price: US $4,700.00-6,500.00/ Per Piece.

Cheap Fuel Dispenser Price Electric Digital Fuel Oil Dispensers Pump

US $150.00-230.00/Piece

Canstar low weight 220V digital counter mini fuel dispensers

Price: US $1,000.00-2,000.00/Set

Eaglestar high-quality digital petrol pump machine price fuel dispenser for sale warehouse in Kenya

US $500.00-1,700.00/ Per Uni

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