How to use Maxi Gas Cooker With Oven

Prices of Gas Cooker in Nigeria
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Maxi Gas Cooker is rated as one of the best Cookers to use in Nigeria. It comes with Oven Light, Ignition Button, Stainless Steel, varieties of premium, affordable, dependable and long-lasting, energy-efficient products. The price range is between N55,000 –  N100,000.

For those who just acquired the Maxi Gas Cooker or are intending to do so; to use both the Cooker and Oven is simply.

The Maxi Gas Cooker/Oven has an electric pilot ignition system that produces a small and progressive flame or temperature, by twisting a corresponding knob to the area in use, which is located on the front of the cooker. 

By implication, the cooker flame and the oven temperature is determined by how much you turn the knob which opens a valve to allow gas to flow through a burner tube.

The knob for the Cooker is indicated vividly and that of the Oven is also clearly specified.

For safety purposes, Maxi Ovens has an inbuilt thermostat gauge that controls the temperature while in use.

After usage, to switch off, simply turn back the knob backward to its original position, this process, switches of the flame/temperature.

Best Gas Cooker in Nigeria 

The following are list of best Gas Cooker in Nigeria:

  1. Nexus Gas Cooker

Key Features: 

  • Super Fast Cooker/Oven
  • Gas Efficiency 
  • 3 Gas + 1 Electric Hotplate
  • Easy to use
  • Glass oven door
  • Easy to clean
  • It comes in different specs. 
  1. Maxi Gas Cooker

Key Features:

  • Rust Resistant Teflon Finishing
  • Gas-saving Technology
  • Efficient and Safe Automatic Ignition
  • Oven Light
  • Strong, durable pot support
  • Temperature Control
  • It comes in different specs.
  1. Polystar Gas Cooker

Key Features:

  • Electric grill with separate knobs
  • Ignition, Oven burner with safety
  • Enameled grates
  • Fixed drawer
  • Glass cover
  • It comes in different specs.
  1. Scanfrost Gas Cooker

Key Features:

  • Auto Ignition
  • 2 Hot plate with Gas oven
  • Temperature Control
  • 90x60cm 4 Gas Burners
  • 1 Wire shelve
  • Dish Warmer
  • Comes in different specs.
  1. Skyrun Gas Cooker 

Key Features:

  • Cast Iron Pot Grid
  • Turnspit and Lamp
  • 4 Burners
  • Oven Plus Grill
  • Mechanical Timer
  • Sparker for all burners including Oven And Grill
  • Comes in different specs.
  1. Scanfrost Gas Cooker 

Key Features:

  • Cast iron pot stand
  • Oven burner and grill burner with turnspit.
  • Digital display with soft-touch
  • Big and Small Hot Plates
  • Triple, Semi-rapid and Auxiliary Burners
  • Stainless steel body
  • Robust cooktop.
  • switches for Turnspit, Lamp and electronics timer.
  • Comes in different specs.
  1. Midea Gas Cooker

Key Features: 

  • Enamel Pan Support and Burner Caps
  • 3 Gas Burners 1 Electric burner
  • 50×55cm Free-standing Gas Cooker
  • Gas Oven with Grill
  • Double black glass oven door
  • Glass Lid
  • Comes in different specs.
  1. Thermocool Gas Cooker 

Key Features: 

  • Push Button Auto Ignition for Hob
  • 4 Burners
  • Inox/Stainless Steel Top
  • Gas Oven
  • Grill
  • 1×1000 watt plate

Prices of Gas Cooker in Nigeria

Here are the prices of Gas Cooker in Nigeria.

  • Nexus Gas Cooker 
  • 4-Burner Gas CookerGCCR-NX-5055B (3+1) Black 
  • Price: N38,990 – N55,000
  • Maxi Gas Cooker 
  • 5050 3 Burner with 1 electric Cooker/ Oven
  • Price: N55,000 – N100,000
  • Polystar Gas Cooker 
  • Standing Gas Cooker with Oven and 1 Electric Hot Plate 
  • Price: N56,999 – N80,000
  • Skyrun Gas Cooker 
  • 4 Burners (4+0) Gas Cooker Black 
  • Price: N32,990 – N40,000
  • Scanfrost Gas Cooker 
  • 4-Burner Gas Cooker CK-5400 Black 
  • Price: N34, 100 – N42,000
  • Midea Gas Cooker 
  • 4 Burner Gas Cooker,  20BM G4007-B (50x55cm)
  • Price: 38,490 –  N46,600

Prices of Haier Thermocool Gas Cooker in Nigeria

The following are prices of Thermocool Gas Cooker in Nigeria:

  • Haier Thermocool  2 Burner, Stainless Steel Table Gas.

Price: N12,500 – N13,000

  • Haier Thermocool  2 Hob Stainless, Steel Table Gas Cooker – Silver/Blue

Price: N12,500 – N13,000

  • Haier Thermocool 2 Hob Table Top Glass Gas Cooker – Black 

Price: N26,450 – N29,500

  • Haier Thermocool Double Burners Glass Top Gas Cooker 

Price: N16,600 – N19,000

  • Haier Thermocool Tec, Supreme Gas Cooker – 4 Burner – Black 

Price: N72,000 – N80,000

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