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How to venture into the barbing salon business in Nigeria?

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Barbering is one of the major professions in Nigeria. This profession is taken seriously by men and women, young and old persons alike.

It is not surprising that you can find barber shops or barbing salons everywhere in Nigeria.

What is a barbing salon?

A barbing salon is a place where men and women go to get a haircut. Some barbers offer other services as well, such as manicures, pedicures, facials and hair braiding.

''In America, it is referred to as a Barbershop''

One of the first things you need to know about starting a successful barber shop business in Nigeria is finding the right location. we would dive deep into this as we progress.

What are the factors to consider when setting up a barbing salon in Nigeria?

Before setting up a barbing salon as a Nigerian there are things to put into consideration so that you won't end up losing.

  • Location
  • Quality of shop & services
  • Number of hours put into the work
  • Cost per head for haircuts, etc.
  • Numbers of workers needed
  • Equipment needed for operation.

What defines a lucrative location for a barbing saloon business?

  • Highly populated
  • Good value per haircut
  • Not too many established potential competitors
  • The above three requirements are the most important things to consider when choosing a location for your business.

Stay with me.

Everything you need to know about setting up a barbing saloon in Nigeria?

Again it depends on the location. with the capital city, it is considered that some or most things will be expensive. but sometimes it all depends on the location.

it would cost more in Abuja to barb your hair in a high brow area than in Lagos if you were to compare them.

But like we said,

location matters. When setting up a barbing business, you need strategic consultation. Location matters so we compare two locations Lagos and Abuja. At Lagos, the price is ₦1000 - ₦5k per person but in Abuja, it is usually ₦1k or more.

What equipment is needed to set up a Barbing saloon ?

It is not easy to run a business without the right equipment and tools, you need them to remain competitive in the market. 

Now that you have your barbing salon, it's time to consider some of the most important kits and equipment required for the effective running of your business

  • Standard rotatable barber chairs
  • Quality Clippers
  • Standby Generator
  • Sterilizers
  • Standing fans, ceiling fans, and/or Air Conditioners
  • Cover Clothes
  • Wall mirrors
  • Cosmetics (Hair creams, sprays, dyes, relaxers, conditioners, facial powders, etc.)
  • Miscellaneous tools (combs, scissors, blades, tissue papers, etc.)
  • Towels & towel warmer
  • Entertainment system
  • Waiting-chairs
  • Lightning, wiring & power sockets
  • Furniture (decorations, cupboards, tables, etc.)
  • Barbing salon pictures & wallpapers, etc.

Types of barbing salon chairs and their Price in Nigeria?

Barber chairs are a very important part of a barbershop, Any good barbershop should have an outstanding chair that can comfortably serve the customer's needs. 

The type of chair you use will also determine your customer service and the comfort of your clients as a professional barber.

  • SPA massaging chair: ₦600k
  • Stylist chair:  ₦75k
  • Salon chair YL322-1  ₦140k
  • Executive Shampoo chair :  ₦230k
  • Salon chairs the cheap one:  ₦60k and so on

What additional service can be added to Men's barbing Salon

As a barber, it’s important to keep up with industry trends and be on the pulse of new services.

Your clients might be looking for these additional services, so it’s up to you to decide if they would fit into your shop.

I encourage you not to discount anything that hasn’t worked in the past. In fact, I encourage you to try them all.

If they don’t work in your shop, keep trying until they do! Here are 7 classic top-of-the-line services that could help with customer retention and draw new clients into your men's barbing salon:

  • product retailing such as creams, fluids etc
  • Cuts & Fades
  • Professional Braiding
  • Straight-Razor Shaves
  • Beard & Mustache Trims & Styles
  • Eyebrow Styling, Trimming, & Waxing and a lot more.
  • Manicure and pedicure

What is the best 10 barbing saloon in Nigeria?

We have numerous barber shops, just in Lagos state alone.

There are low budget ones and premium barber shops depending on locations and population. Here are the top 10 best barber salons in Nigeria.

  1. Donna unisex & spa salon
  2. Genesis hair studio
  3. Mudi's unisex salon
  4. Alisep beauty ,nails and barbing salon
  5. Cima barbing salon
  6. Atorise beauty salon
  7. Dhq beauty salon
  8. Mirror barbing salon
  9. Tazzer unisex salon and Spa
  10. God best unisex salon

What is the biggest barbing saloon in Nigeria

In Nigeria there are a lot of barbers ,professional barbers with classic and modern style cuts. But most of this biggest salon can only be found in Lagos at lekki or ikoyi.

Here is one of the biggest barber shop in Nigeria

Groomed barber shop By Elereka is a luxury barbing salon inspired by the need to redefine the typical barbershop experience in Lagos.

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