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List of Restaurants in Kigali you should visit?

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The Republic of Rwanda with Kigali as it’s capital has about 85% of its inhabitants as Hutu, and the rest Tutsi, except for a small number of Twa, who are a Pygmy group. 

Popularly known for its thousand hills, Kigali citizens and government have successfully explored it’s aesthetic environment as it attracts tourists who without exception would want to patronize their restaurants.

According to research, residents have witnessed the restaurant boom in Kigali with its new exciting flavors and options in the culinary industry.

Services in these restaurants are always superb, the food never disappoints in taste and style. The atmosphere is lovely as well. For lovers of Indian food, it is a place to be. The owners are always ready to cater to your tastes and needs.

Here are some list of exciting meals you can try out while in Kigali:
  • Brochettes
  • Michopo
  • Akabenz
  • Nyama Choma
  • Ugali
  • Ibirayi
  • Kachumbari etc.

Top 10 Fast food restaurant in Kigali
  • Ubumwe Grande Restaurant

The restaurant has lots of exciting flavors, presently making waves in Kigali, it is located on the roof of the hotel, the Ubumwe Grande’s bar.It’s strategic placement with a view of the city, a pool at the rooftop aside its a wonderful option of meals listed above has placed it on an advantageous position.

  • Repub Lounge Restaurant

For those who want to try out brochettes (grilled meat, vegetables, or fish on a stick), this restaurant is the perfect place to go. 
All you just need to do while in Repub Lounge is to skip the downstairs tables and head straight to the deck on the second floor and sit outside for sunset and one of Kigali’s best views.

  • Le Panorama Restaurant

Also located in the rooftop of the famous Hotel, des Mille Collines to feed your eyes on the beauty of the city, the atmosphere is best suitable for a sunset drink, alongside a gourmet dining experience.

  • Pili Pili Restaurant

Those who like weekend groove/tours, Pili Pili is the place to get a wow experience.
With it’s a location in a residential neighborhood of Kibagabaga, you can explore weekend afternoon, soaking up the sunshine at the pool and lounging on cushions overlooking golden hilltops. 
Other exciting offers are sangria, cold beer, and brochettes.
Note: The name Pili Pili is a Kigali staple food; you can also try out.

  • Inzora Rooftop Cafe Restaurant

Wow!!! for those who love coffee, here is the place to find Kigali’s best coffee and baked foods.
Located at the back of Ikirezi, Kigali’s main bookstore, the arena is perfect for Friday afternoons and evenings when they host a cocktail and wine hour that mixes excellently with their sunset views.

  • Sole Luna Restaurant

This restaurant is good for night grooves most especially every Monday as Sole Luna hosts the popular quiz night that varies in difficulty but always ensures a good time. 
They offer one of the city's best pizza, with real mozzarella and a jug of wine to share with friends.
On the other side, Sole Luna operates out of a gorgeous brick building in the Gishushu neighborhood with a stunning view out onto the city.

  • Choma’D Restaurant

Perfect for a night out, consistently busy, Choma’D restaurant and bar in the Nyarutarama neighborhood, is presently one of Kigali’s hippest spots. 
The bar has long communal tables that stay packed late with their cocktails flowing, options of comfort food, most especially (think mac and cheese) perfect for a night out.
Also, Choma’D views out on the Nyarutarama lake and resulting reflection is so lovely.

  • Bamboo Restaurant

Views from this restaurant gaudy roof (think flashing colorful lights and plastic decorations) as it is located at the top of the T200 mall, is so beautiful and the hills on the outskirts of the city, accompanied by a pile of spring rolls, are exciting.
In a nutshell, Bamboo restaurant offers some of the best city’s greasy and delicious Chinese food.

  • The Bistro Restaurant

Rarely overcrowded, though expensive but not beyond reach, Bistro restaurant located on the roof of the Urban Hotel is spectacular in Kigali.

  • Papyrus Restaurant

In this restaurant, the views from the exterior and bar are golden.
Here you can chill out in the afternoon or evening over a plate of dim sum, noodles, and more.
It is located in a complex that houses a gym, bakery, nail salon, Chinese restaurant, night club, and bar.

People’s best choice Restaurants in Kigali

Narrowing it down to class, here are a list of 10 best restaurants in Kigali that are always ready to give you value for your hard-earned money.

They offer a French menu from the last century, a nice setting, very friendly services with varieties of other exciting meals.

Although newly opened, Meze Fresh attracts crowds.  The high-turnover means food isn’t sitting out very long and what you get is indeed fresh. You may have to wait in line if you go during the lunch or dinner rush but it moves fairly quickly and certainly beats the wait at any sit-down restaurant in Kigali.

Although expensive, this restaurant is a replica of Japanese meals. It provides Rwanda with fresh Sushi / Sashimi / Teppanyaki Excellence in Dining from 2011 till date.

Located in a two-story building, the restaurant lounge is very beautiful, relaxed ambiance, African cuisine, and live music. 
The restaurant is ideal for large groups, date nights, and cocktail events.

Spacious enough, the restaurant offer varieties of meals, we have a Chinese meal, Japanese, Thai, Indian cuisine, etc.

This restaurant has good options of decent quality food and atmosphere, there Salad is so cool. Here you can enjoy Kigali's view in all sense of tranquility.

Heaven is consistently ranked as one of the country’s best restaurants with a spectacular ambiance on a custom-built outdoor Terrace overlooking the entire city.

A replica of Indian restaurant, Khazana has a great Ambiance, surrounds the garden, offer you open-air dining with extremely attentive service contributed to the brilliant dining experience.

The view out of windows/terrace is magnificent, especially at night. They are fairly large and have a kitchen, bar, and music,


This restaurant is a true replica of Italy food menu in Kigali. Here you taste the freshness of Mediterranean cuisine whilst enjoying the strategic views of the city.

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