How much is nurses salary in ghana

nurses salary in ghana cedis 2019
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nurses salary in ghana cedis

At the moment nursing is one of the most sought after occupations in ghana. at least for women. how much nurses earn in ghana would be discussed below.

The duties of a nurse include: caring for sick patients.
assisting with examinations and treatments and managing medical documentation.

Being a nurse in Ghana, the may differ from other health workers in other countries. it’s said that nurses don’t earn much but I think it solely depends on your location, city, and area you are willing to work in.

Based on our research the Ghanian government has placed a ban on nurses traveling outside the country for practice.
we honestly don’t know how effective that is. but in our opinion, a progressive salary structure for nurses would encourage more people to take on this career path

studying nursing in ghana is quite costly as the profession is
regarded as a very delicate profession since its inception

when calculating how much a nurse in ghana earns its necessary to take into account a number of factors, namely the region, work experience and status of the medical institution itself. depending on these factors the salary of the nurse is from $3,600 – $4,800 yearly after-tax.

salary structure for nurses in ghana

Net income ranges vary between. Certificate nurses – they earn GHS 700 monthly
Diploma nurses – GHS 900 and above monthly
Degree holders – Ghs 1600/2000 per month

Final Thought.
getting paid a juicy salary has always been a thing of struggle in Africa. in our opinion, nursing in ghana could be less lucrative, but its a thing of pride to help humanity.


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