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Postinor 2 And Other Birth Control Pills In Nigeria 2020 ?

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Postinor-2 is an emergency contraceptive which if taken within the stipulated 72hrs of having unprotected sex or rape, can prevent pregnancy.

Postinor 2 is one of the birth control pills in Nigeria, and one of the most popular contraceptives taken as of today.

Note: if taken properly and early enough after sex, for example within 24hrs of having unprotected sexual activities, it is 95 percent sure of preventing pregnancy.

List of Birth Control pills in Nigeria

Contraceptive pills contain hormones, similar to those naturally produced by a woman’s body. The pill needs to be taken at the same time every day to effectively prevent pregnancy. Note: it has to be used correctly.

In Nigeria today, the majority of the young girls/ladies do take some of these pills to avoid pregnancy or future abortion.

The birth control pills are classified into the following:

1. Combined pill

The combined oral pill is a tablet that contains two hormones, progestin, and estrogen, and is taken daily to prevent pregnancy.

2. Mini pill

The mini pill (progestin-only pill) is a tablet that contains one hormone, progestin, and is taken daily to prevent pregnancy.

Birth Control Pills

  • 1. Oral Contraceptives
  • 2.  Emergency Contraceptive
  • 3. Injectables
  • 4. IUCD
  • 5. Loestrin 20
  • 6. Implants etc.
Best Birth Control Pills in Nigeria?

According to recent research, only 15 percent of Nigerian women within the ages of  15-49 uses contraception for the purpose of limiting and spacing of children.

A low dose pill such as Loestrin 2 according to doctors in Nigeria is the best contraceptive pill to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Loestrin 2 contraceptive pill contains both estrogen and progesterone. But with a lower dose of estrogen compared to the regular combined pill. This means that estrogen-related side effects are often reduced.

How Much is Postinor 2 in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, the cost of buying Postinor 2 depends on the location. But generally, Postinor 2, 0.72mg tablets goes for #900.00 only.

Side effects of Taken Postinor 2

Postinor 2 contraceptive pills have its own side effects in the human body, and this can not be ignored.

Here are some of the side effects of Postinor 2.

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Breast tenderness
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Fatigue.
How Can I Spot Fake Postinor 2

Original Postinor 2 comes in packed and it is two pills. A genuine postinor 2 drug comes in a green pack with a white scratch area on the reverse side of the pack. When scratched, it reveals the word ‘original’ as well as the company’s logo,  any other features additional to these are probably signs of a fake.

How Does Postinor 2 Works During Ovulation?

The active ingredient in Postinor-2 is levonorgestrel.

It is not known exactly how this medication works. It is thought to reduce the chance of pregnancy in two ways:

If taken before ovulation, it may delay the release of the egg,

If taken after ovulation, it may interfere with the transport of eggs and sperm.

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