Solar Panel prices and benefits in Kenya 2020?

How much would it cost to power a House with Solar Panels in Kenya?
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Are you among those who always complain of Kenya’s epileptic power supply every day, as it has become a source of concern to you, your home or business, don’t worry, there is a way out to this mess, it is called Solar Energy?

Solar Energy is derived from Solar panels, otherwise known as photovoltaic (PV) module. It is simply an assembled Cell Panels, which convert sunlight into usable electricity, mounted in a framework for installation.

In Kenya, electricity reliability varies; according to statistics from Kenya Power and Lighting Company, commonly referred to as Kenya Power (KPLC), the company which transmits, distributes and retails electricity to customers throughout Kenya, most households do not enjoy 8 hours of electricity per day.

For those living at Dunga road, Hazina, and Zanzibar road all in South B, Evergreen estate, and Buruburu and several other parts of Kenya understand what it means to be without power.

Unfortunately, the price of electricity according to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics appears to be very high and outrageous. On average, Kenyan households consume an estimated 200 kilowatt kWh of electricity while customers are mandated to pay an average of KSh3,400 every month as of March 2017. 

Presently, the outrageous billing system has necessitated the need for Solar Power in Kenya. 

The cost of solar panels in Kenya is generally pegged on the panel’s complexity and features. 

The prices of solar power installation can range from around KSh 63,000 to KSh 200,000 depending on the size of the house and electrical output requirements.

Although we have cheaper options, they are:

Solar Panel 72 cells made in Germany 

Price: KSh 13,500

100 Watt Solar Panel 12v battery charging

Price: KSh 11,000 

Solar kit 300 Watt Luminous System with Inverter and Battery

Price: KSh 90,000

Coming to the numerous benefits you will get from using solar power, they are:

  1. Solar Power Helps You Save Cost 

Migrating to Solar Power Energy in your home or business has a way of saving you cost. I mean millions of KSh.

For instance, If you spend an average of KSh 50,000 on fuel every month in your business premises/home, transitioning to solar energy will save you a whopping sum of 11,000,000.00 KSh in two decades. 

That is a sizable amount of savings you have not considered.

2. Solar Energy Increases Your Home Value

According to a recent study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, concluded that on average solar panels increase home value by $16,995.

According to the research, homes equipped with solar power systems sell for 3.73% more than comparable non-solar properties.

One of the strongest arguments put forward was that solar energy is an investment that pays for itself. 

It noted that any upfront costs are paid back in the reduction or elimination of energy bills, and solar customers can reasonably expect to see a return of at least 2-3 times their initial investment over the life of the system.

3.  Solar Energy Help Save Life and the Environment

Carbon emissions from generators can be stopped worldwide through the use of green energy and solar energy falls within that category.

Solar energy contributes a lot in preserving the environment from degradation. Degradation of the environment is presently threatening the life expectancy of the human race with different health challenges.

4. Solar is Easy to Install, has a Very Low Maintenance

Residential/Commercial solar energy systems have no moving parts, which decreases the cost of maintenance significantly. 

Generally, the odds of any of the parts in the system breaking are very low, the only thing to watch out is crevices for debris to get stuck; although it is kind of protected.

How much would it cost to power a House with Solar Panels in Kenya?

How much would it cost to power a House with Solar Panels in Kenya?
How much would it cost to power a House with Solar Panels in Kenya?

The cheapest cost to power a house in Kenya… a complete all- in- one lighting kit which includes LED lights, charging adapters and a mini 15w panel is around KSh 15,000.

An 80 square meter house, for example, would require 2 kW of power per day and this system would cost approximately KSh 63,000.

A bigger system of 5 kW would be recommended for a 250 square meter home, at a cost of KSh 110,000. 

Note: These costs include equipment, installation, and electrical certificates.

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