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Top Best Schools In Rwanda 2020 ?

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The Top Best schools in Rwanda as 1 laptop per child policy in its school, most schools in Rwanda are adopting this system.

As a parent, I know, you always want the very best for your children, and we are here to guide you on how to achieve that target. One of the best legacies I know you want for your children is quality education better than the ones you had.

13 Top Best Schools in Rwanda
  1. Green Hills Academy International School, Kigali, Rwanda.
  2. Lycée de Kigali Secondary School, Kiyovu Cell, Nyarugenge Sector, Nyarugenge District, Kigali, Rwanda.
  3. Gashora Girls Academy School, Rwanda.
  4. International School of Kigali-Rwanda.
  6. FAWE Girls School, Rwanda.
  7. The International Montessori School, Rwanda.
  8. Kigali International Community School, Kigali, Rwanda.
  9. La Colombière School, Kigali, Rwanda.
  10. King David Academy School. Kigali, Rwanda.
  11. Collège Saint André School, Kigali, Rwanda.
  12. Wellspring Academy International school, Kigali, Rwanda.
  13. Lycée Notre Dame de Cîteaux School Kigali, Rwanda.
Streamlining this list is the top best private secondary schools in Kigali we have:

Do you know that in rwanda there is no demand for private schools and public schools are said to be doing just fine . however we were able to streamline some good private secondary school in rwanda

  1. Kigali Parents Secondary School, Rwanda.
  2. Ahazaza Independent School Gitarama, Rwanda.
  3. Sunrise High School, Ruhengeri, Rwanda.
  4. SOS Technical High School, Kigali, Rwanda.
  5. Nyagatare Secondary School, Nyagatare, Rwanda.
  6. International School of Kigali-Rwanda, School in Kigali, Rwanda
  7. Lycée Notre Dame de Cîteaux School, Kigali, Rwanda.
  8. King David Academy School, Kigali, Rwanda
  9. Green Hills Academy International school, Kigali, Rwanda.
  10. White Dove Girls School, Kigali, Rwanda.
  11. FAWE Girls School,Kigali, Rwanda.
  12. ES Kanombe / EFOTEC Higher secondary school Kigali, Rwanda.
  13. Excella School, Kigali, Rwanda.
  14. Groupe Scolaire ADB Nyarutarama School in Kigali, Rwanda
  15. La Colombière School in Kigali, Rwanda
  16. Wellspring Academy International school, Kigali, Rwanda.
  17. Kigali Christian, School in Kigali, Rwanda
  18. Riviera High School, Kigali, Rwanda
  19. École Internationale de Kigali
School, Kigali, Rwanda

  1. Saint Ignatius High School, Kigali, Rwanda
  2. Saint Paul International School Kigali, Rwanda
  3. St Joseph Le Travailleur Secondary School, Kigali, Rwanda.
  4. APADE Lycée de Kicukiro High school, Kigali, Rwanda
  5. Trinity International Academy School Kigali, Rwanda

For a parent looking for top best international schools in Rwanda, for their kids or adolescents, here is a well-researched list.
  2. Blue Lakes International School, Rwanda
  4. The International Montessori School, Kigali Rwanda.
  5. Saint Paul International School Kigali, Rwanda
  6. Wellspring Academy International school, Kigali, Rwanda.
  7. Vatel Rwanda – International Hospitality School (Hospitality and tourism school), Kigali, Rwanda.
  8. Trinity International Academy School, Kigali, Rwanda.
  9. Ecole Belge De Kigali – Ebk School, Kigali, Rwanda
  10. KIAC – Kigali International Art College School, Kigali, Rwanda.

Types of Schools in Rwanda

Rwanda has three types of schools namely, Private, Public and government-aided private schools.

Meanwhile, our emphasis is going to be on the primary schools, secondary schools and private schools.

For primary schools, they are mostly private and government-owned. Your child is expected to spend 6 years from P1 to P6 and will be taught English, Mathematics, etc including French and Swahili.

Here are the list of primary schools in Rwanda.

  1. Nyabizi Primary School, Rwanda.
  2. Umubano Primary School, Kigali, Rwanda.
  3. APAPER Primary School, Kigali, Rwanda.
  4. Katarara Primary School, Kisoro District.
  5. Discovery International School, Kigali, Rwanda.
  6. Cyivugiza Primary School, Kigali, Rwanda.
  7. Horizon Primary School, Kigali, Rwanda
  8. Kacyiru I Primary School, Kigali, Rwanda.
  9. St Ignace primary school, Kigali, Rwanda.
  10. Kimihurura Primary School, Kigali, Rwanda.
  11. Kibungo primary school, Rwanda.
  12. Gaseke primary school, rwanda.
  13. Gishaka primary school, Kigali, Rwanda
  14. Nemba primary school, Bugesera District, Rwanda
  15. Murambi primary school, Rwanda.
  16. Kayonza parents School, Kayonza, rwa5nda.
  17. Bihungwe Primary School, Rwanda.
  18. Intwari primary school Primary School Kigali, Rwanda.
  19. Nyamagumba Primary School, Rwanda.
  20. Remera Catholic Primary School II, Kigali, Rwanda
  21. ESCAF Primary School, Kigali, Rwanda.
  22. Kimironko II Primary School, Kigali, Rwanda
  23. Nyabisindu Primary School Kigali, Rwanda.
  24. Gahanga Primary School Kinazi, Rwanda.
  25. Gasave Primary School, Kigali, Rwanda.
  26. Gasoro Primary School, Rwanda.
  27. Islamic Primary School, Kigali, Rwanda.
  28. Mpingamuye Primary School, Rwanda.
  29. Orpcare Primary School, Kayonza, Rwanda.
  30. Gisozi II Primary School Kigali, Rwanda
  31. Gisanze Primary School, Rwanda
  32. Alpha Community Academy Primary school in Kigali, Rwanda
  33. Peace International School, Primary school in Kigali, Rwanda
  34. Rutaraka Primary School, Rwanda
  35. New Life Christian Academy Primary school in Rwanda.

In Rwanda secondary schools operate 3-3 system that is 3 for Junior secondary school and 3 for Senior secondary school.

These junior and senior secondary schools are mostly owned by missionary churches in Rwanda.

At form 3 in junior secondary school, you will be required to write the National Secondary Education Ordinary Level Test 9 subject as a whole which when you pass you are admitted into the Senior Secondary School.

The last lap, is the senior secondary school where you specialize either sciences or art.

Before you graduate from secondary school, you are expected to pass the core subjects by participating in the national exam which gives you a certified certificate to apply for tertiary education.

Below is a list of private secondary schools in rwanda.
  1. Blue Lakes International School, Rwanda.
  2. ES Kanombe / EFOTEC Higher secondary school in Kigali, Rwanda
  3. Nyabikenke Technical Secondary School(Former G.S Nyabikenke) School, Rwanda.
  4. GS AIPER Nyandungu School,Kigali, Rwanda.
  5. Sunrise High School, Rwanda.
  6. Saint Ignatius High School Kigali, Rwanda
  7. Kayonza Modern School Rwanda.
  8. Kacyiru Islamic, School, Kigali, Rwanda.
  9. École Francophone Antoine de Saint-Exupoop School Kigali, Rwanda.
  10. Petit Seminaire Saint Vincent de Paul School Kigali, Rwanda.
  11. Groupe Scolaire Busanza School, Kigali, Rwanda.
  12. Cornerstone Leadership Academy School, Rwanda.

Top 10 Secondary Schools in Rwanda.

Are you interested in knowing the ten top secondary schools in Rwanda both public and private, here is the list.

  1. St Joseph Le Travailleur Secondary School Kigali, Rwanda.
  2. Alliance High School Kigali, Rwanda.
  3. GS Rusheshe School, Kigali, Rwanda
  4. GS Masaka School, Kigali, Rwanda.
  5. G.S Nzove School, Kigali, Rwanda
  6. Fruits of Hope Academy School, Kigali, Rwanda.
  7. GS Remera Protestant School Kigali, Rwanda
  8. Bwuzuri School Rwanda
  9. EAV Kabutare School,  Rwanda
  10. CIC Muramba Girls’ High School, Rwanda

Finally, coming to the best, i mean, the very best schools in Kigali both primary and secondary though expensive, it worth giving your children that opportunity.

Here is the list

  • Little Bears Montessori School, Kigali, Rwanda.
  • Vatel Rwanda – International Hospitality School (Hospitality and tourism school), Kigali, Rwanda.
  • Abitonda Nursery School, Kigali, Rwanda.
  • IBTC FILM SCHOOL, Kigali, Rwanda
  • World Mission Secondary School, Kigali, Rwanda.
  • LICA School, Kigali, Rwanda.
  • Umuco Mwiza School Kigali, Rwanda.
  • Happy Daycare School, Kigali, Rwanda.
  • Cyivugiza Primary School, Kigali, Rwanda.
  • Solution Center Schools (Office), Kigali, Rwanda.
  • St. Philip TVET School Private school, Kigali, Rwanda.
  • Path To Success Nursery School Kigali, Rwanda.
  • Arise and Shine School Kigali, Rwanda
  • PEFA Wisdom School Kigali, Rwanda.
  • Little Gems Academy Preschool in Kigali, Rwanda.
  • AGAPE School in Kigali, Rwanda.
  • Kigali Music School, Kigali, Rwanda.
  • Kigali Talents School of Art & Music Kigali, Rwanda.
  • Kigali Harvest School, Kigali, Rwanda.
  • Balymus Music School,  Kigali, Rwanda.
  • ESCAF Primary School Kigali, Rwanda
  • City Infant & Primary School – Kigali, Rwanda.
  • Congolese Secondary School GSCC School, Kigali, Rwanda.
  • Alpha Community Academy primarily school, Kigali, Rwanda.
  • Path to Success Nursery

Kindergarten, Kigali, Rwanda.

  1. Little Angels School, Kigali, Rwanda.
  2. Don Bosco Technical School
    Art school, Kigali, Rwanda
  1. Global Computer School, Kigali, Rwanda.
  2. ALU School of Business
Graduate school, Kigali, Rwanda.
  • Wibena Language Center (Language School, Kigali, Rwanda).

while Africa has been sending its best brains to the best school in the west for decades, Rwanda has thought it fit to bring the best schools in the world to Africa. one of the innovative approaches made by the Rwandan educational body was, for the third time in 11 years Rwanda has changed the language used in primary schools. which implies that primary school kids may learn best in their language.

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