What is the Cost of a Facemask in Nigeria 2020

Cost of a Facemask in Nigeria 2020

The cost of facemasks in Nigeria has risen astronomically due to the recent epidemic outbreak of corona-virus in Nigeria.

According to the Nigeria Center for Disease Control, NCDC, all Nigerians, most especially health workers in the front line are required to wear a facemask as one of the preventive measures to curb corona-virus in Nigeria.

Generally, a face mask is a protective tool that one wears over his face to prevent oneself from breathing bad air, getting exposed to a virus such as corona -virus or any from respiratory diseases that are contagious via droplets. 

Presently, the price of facemask in Nigeria varies, the common and most popular type, (Facial Mask) has risen from N700 before the corona pandemic to N3,500 per 50 pieces. 

Meanwhile, for dust mask, the price is N7,500 per 50 pieces, the real infection control face mask goes for N5,000, 3 ply mask goes for 15,000, 3m N95 mask (surgical) goes for N45,000 while surgical mask (nose mask) goes for N1,200.

Others are: 

What is the Cost of a Facemask in Nigeria 2020
  • Surgical disposable face mask, N17,060 for 50 pieces.
  • Surgical disposable face. mask, N5, 900 for 20 pieces
  • 3 ply non -woven N15,000
  • Disposal dust and filter N4,500
  • Gerson N95 smart mask N22,000
  • Dustproof facial mask N12,000
  • Face mask surgical for protection, N3,900 for 10 pieces.

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