What type of facemask should I use?

What type of facemask should I use ?
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Generally, facemask for coronavirus comes in different sizes and are used for different purposes. The type of face mask you should use at any time all depends on the purpose.

For instance, we have different types of medical protective facemask used or recommended for different medical purposes either to prevent or stop the spread of virus or germs.

we also have other types and forms of facemask such as

  • Samurai Facemask,
  • Riddell speed facemask 
  • Supreme Facemask,
  • Running mask
  • Facemask, Penalty bulldog facemask,
  • Workout  facemask,
  • Baseball facemask,
  • Youth softball facemask,
  • Riddell speed flex facemask,
  • Lineman facemask,
  • Justin tuck facemask,
  • Predator facemask
  • Customs football facemask,
  • Motorcycle skull facemask and 
  • Kpop face mask.

So if you are a health care worker, on the front line of care and treatment, you are expected to use a surgical disposable face mask and the likes, depending on how infectious the disease is. 

While other non medical staff or populace can use facial or nose masks for protective measures.

For those into sports, movies, tourism, etc we have different types of facemask used as protectives or used for fun and entertainment. you can find them on platforms such as Jumia, Aliexpress, Amazon,

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