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Who is the Owner of the Punch Newspaper?

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The owners and founders of Punch Newspapers were two good friends namely Mr. James Aboderin, an accountant, and Mr. Sam Amuka, an editor and a columnist.

The Punch Newspaper is one of the best, and most reliable newspapers in Nigeria today. It covers politics, business, entertainment, fashion and lifestyle, sports, technology, editorials, opinions, etc.

On August 8, 1970, Punch Nigeria Limited was registered under the Companies Act of 1968 with the full permission to engage in the business of publishing newspapers, magazines, and other periodicals of public interest.

Mr. Amuka one of the founders, who was more experienced in the field of journalism became the first editor of Sunday Punch in 1971 but operations were on minimal scale, not commercial.

It continued till 1973 when the paper began to gain the attention of Nigerians.

Officially, the Punch newspaper began printing commercially with their trademark in November, 1976.

The primary focus of the Sunday Punch was to be non-partisan to news reporting, collection of pictures of social gatherings with daily political news. The paper survived all through these formative years, due to the fact that it was able to sustain itself through delving into varieties of issues of national interest that relate to different people.

But something happened, during the Second Republic, there was a huge political difference and conflict between political gladiators, so much war of words and the newspaper began to take stands bridging it’s original intention.

This led to a major conflict between the two founders, Aboderin and Amuka, the duo parted ways due to political ideology. Mr. James Aboderin, the accountant moved a step further by securing a deal with late M. K. O. Abiola, who was making waves in politics at that time.

Taking a stand with M. K. O. Abiola, the paper began to criticize the democratic regime of late President Shuhu Shagari. This continued for a while, the newspaper publishing house was shut down on several occasions by different successive regimes, but as time goes on, the paper began to retrace its roots, as it is one of the best when you talk about objectivism and balance in news reporting.

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The most widely read newspaper in Nigeria.

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