Who owns abokiFX?

Who owns abokiFX?

The owner and director of abokiFx is OLUSEGUN ADEDOTUN ONIWINDE, he was born in September 1975 and he is British and resides in England.

Mr Olusegun is the director of abokiFX , he is also a chartered accountant by profession, he was appointed as the director of abokiFX on 2nd October 2015.

Mr Olusegun is very successful in his profession, he also have a total of 4 appointments in other companies including abokiFX namely: – ES Merchant limited, he was appointed the director on 11th September 2014, BOAZ associate limited he was appointed the director on 2nd September 2003, the last but not the least ESTHER’S limited he was appointed the secretary on 22nd September 2004 but he is no longer an active participant of the company.

AbokiFX is an online platform for the live exchange rate, it was formed on 2nd October 2015 and was registered in 2016. The popularity of the company peaked between February 17 and 23 2019 in Nigeria, America, and the UK.

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